Completed Audiovisual Installations

Our ever-expanding portfolio includes many prestigious projects undertaken across the United States. These include convention centers, universities, houses of worship, and government institutions. The range of equipment supplied and installed is simply too large to list, but here are just a few examples of the work we have successfully completed to date. FREE estimates are available. Call us today!

Audiovisual Installations DSL Has Done So Far

US Naval Academy – Annapolis, MD

Ricketts Hall Weight Room
High Definition Multi Zone Video/Graphic Display System with Touch Screen Control, Data Server and Sound

  • Five zones of sixteen 55″ LG plasma screens
  • Distributed loudspeaker system of 15 JBL control 30 speaker systems
  • Xantech web base control system and touch screen
  • Biamp digital audio processor
  • VPN network for on and off campus system access/data sharing
  • Custom computer with raid drives and six HDMI video outputs
  • FSR pathfinder HD video matrix and twister pro video distribution system

Gospel Tabernacle – Baltimore, MD

Audio Visual and Networking Building Management

  • Video Cameras
  • Video production and web streaming
  • Multiple flat panels
  • JBL speaker installation suited for contemporary worship
  • Sanctuary and fellowship networked

Shippensburg Church of the Brethren – Shippensburg, PA

Full Audiovisual System Installation with Acoustic Analysis and Treatment

  • Multi-functional room for sporting events, contemporary worship, family movie nights, and catered events
  • JBL CBT 70 speaker arrays
  • 12 ft tab tensioned projection screen
  • EIKI 7000 lumen hidden projector
  • Acoustical treatment – noise reduction panels
  • Complete audio/video system design and install – hybrid system that can work automatically or at the push of the button will switch to a full production system.

McDaniel College Backer Memorial Chapel – Westminster, MD

Receives an Audio System Upgrade Achieving Great Intelligibility in a Highly Reverberant Chapel

  • Community ENTASYS ENT-FR column arrays (two sets of three)
  • Community VERIS 201S subwoofers (2)
  • BSS BLU-100 digital audio processor (1)
  • BSS BLU-10 touch wall controllers (2)
  • Crown CDi4000 power amplifiers (2)

Trinity United Church of Christ – Manchester, MD

Video System with Custom Housing Cabinetry

  • Screen Innovation 133″ diagonal motorized projection screen
  • Vivitek high resolution digital projector
  • Atlona 10 input presentation switcher/scaler
  • Custom fabricated pieces, including painted screen case, cabinet for the electronics
  • Intelix Skyplay MX-R wireless HDMI receiver laptop, projector
  • Intelix Skyplay MX-T wireless HDMI transmitter laptop, projector
  • Wooden pedestal with shelves for laptop 36″ tall 12.5″x12.5″ top

Catholic High School – Baltimore, MD

Theatrical Lighting System

  • Martin lighting light jockey software
  • Chauvet data stream optical splitter
  • Chauvet LED moving light wash with zoom
  • Chauvet rouge automated spot
  • Chauvet legend 412 zoom
  • Chauvet colorado batten 72 tour
  • Chauvet half coupler
  • Clear-Com single ear headset
  • Clear-Com 2 channel beltpack
  • Clear-Com 2 channel headset/speaker station

Arlington Baptist Church – Baltimore, MD

Video System with Custom Projector Shelf

  • Vivitek 7000 Lumens projector with long throw lens
  • Custom shelf for the projector
  • Intelix Skyplay wireless HDMI receiver
  • Intelix Skyplay wireless HDMI transmitter
  • FSR 4 in 1 out HDMI switch
  • Draper Rolleramic wireless remote projector screen
  • Vivitek DW6035 6000 Lumen WXGA projector
  • Draper Targa motorized non-tab tensioned screen
  • Intelix HDMI over Cat5 extender receiver
  • Intelix HDMI over Cat5 extender transmitter

Meritus Medical Center – Hagerstown, MD

Theatrical Lighting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fort Detrick Chapel – Frederick, MD

Sound and Lighting Systems

  • JBL speakers
  • Chauvet theatrical lighting
  • Truss mounted TVs
  • Custom built cabinetry to house controls

G Boone’s Events Center – Boonsboro, MD

Sound, Lighting and Video Systems

Paramount Baptist Church – Hagerstown, MD

Video System

  • Draper Screens
  • Vivitek Projectors

First Missionary Baptist Church – Frederick, MD

Sound System and Hearing Assistance

  • JBL speakers
  • Community floor monitors
  • Soundcraft mixing console
  • Crown amplifier
  • BSS processor
  • AKG wireless microphones
  • DBX personal monitor mixers
  • Listen technologies infrared hearing assistance

Holy Cross Catholic Church – Rockville, MD

Sound System Upgrade

  • JBL VRX928LA 8″ loudspeaker, two-way line array element
  • Crown XTi-2002 power amplifier 800 watts x 2 4 ohms
  • Soundcraft Si performer 1 16 channel digital console
  • BSS BLU-100 12 analog mic/line input, 8 analog output, digital audio processor
  • Williams Sound PPA 457 PRO system
  • JBL Control 28-1-WH 175 watt 8″ 2-way speakers
  • Shure SM58-LC dynamic handheld vocal microphone
  • Shure QLXD14/85 wireless Lavalier microphone system
  • Shure MX418/C 18-inch gooseneck condenser mic

Good Shepherd Ministries – Hagerstown, MD

Speaker Repair and Video Projection

  • Draper Cinepern Permanently Tensioned Screen
  • Vivitek DW6035 6000 Lumen WXGA Projecto
  • Intelix Digi P52 5 input switcher, scaler, 2 output
  • Intelix Digi-HD60C HDMI extender
  • Intelix DL-HD70 HDMI over Cat5 Send/Receive

Christian Community Presbyterian Church – Bowie, MD

Upgraded Sound System

  • Soundcraft Si Performer 2 24 Channel Digital Console
  • Soundcraft Mini R Stagebox
  • BSS BLU-100 12 Analog Mic/Line Input, 8 Analog Output, Digital Audio Processor
  • Crown CDI DriveCore 2/600BL & Crown CDI DriveCore 2/300BL Amplifiers
  • JBL AC299 Main Speakers
  • JBL AC115S Single 15″ Bass Speaker
  • Community MX8-B 8″ 2Way Compact Coaxial Floor Monitor
  • Shure MX418/C 18-inch gooseneck condenser microphone
  • Shure QLXD24/58 Wireless Hand Held Microphone SM58 System

Faith United Baptist Church – Baltimore, MD

Upgraded Sound System

  • Soundcraft Si Performer 3 32 Channel Digital Mixing Console
  • Soundcraft Mini Stagebox
  • JBL VRX932LA-1 Main Speakers
  • JBL VRX918S 18″ High Power Subwoofer
  • JBL Control 25AV-WH 200 watt 5.25 inch 2-way speaker Pastor Monitors
  • JBL Control 26CT Transformered 6.5 inch 2-way ceiling speaker Fellowship Hall Speakers
  • Community MX108-B 10″ 2Way Compact Coaxial Praise Team Singers, Choir Floor Monitor
  • BSS BLU-100 12 Analog Mic/Line Input, 8 Analog Output, System Audio Processor
  • BSS EC-8BV-BLK-US Controller with 8 Buttons and Volume Fellowship Hall
  • Crown DCI 4/1250, Crown DCI 2/1250 & Crown DCI 4/600 Amplifiers
  • Shure QLXD14/85 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

New Canaan Baptist Church – Washington, DC

Dual Fixed Screen Projection and Camera System with Recording, Duplication & Confidence Monitors

  • DA-LITE Cinema Contour HDPro1.3 108″x192″ HD Fixed projection Screen 220″
  • NEC 8000-lumen Professional Installation Projector MODEL: NP-PX803UL-BK with geometric image correction
  • Vaddio ClearView HD20-QUSB High Definition PTZ camera with power/video/control over cat5e
  • Vaddio Production View Precision Camera Controller
  • Analog Way Quick VU3g QVU150-3G 8 input multi-format high resolution seemless switcher scaler with graphics keying
  • Analog Way RK350 Remote control panel for Quick Vu Switcher. Hardware desktop mixer
  • Atlona 1×4 HD Distribution amplifier with Cat5e outputs
  • Atlona HDMI HDBaseT receiver
  • Atlona AT-HD530 HDMI to Composite down converter
  • Aurora multi Media 5″ touch screen universal controller
  • BlackMagic Designs hyperdeck studio pro Video Recording Deck
  • EZ Dupe BRPIOB4 4 bay blu-ray duplicator w/ internal hard drive

Saint Paul’s Independent Church – Millers, MD

Video Projection System

  • Vivitek DX3351 XGA 6000 Lumens Projectors
  • Draper Clarion Edgeless Projector Screens
  • Intelix DIGI-HD60C-R HD BaseT HDMI over Cat5 Receiver
  • Intelix DIGHD60C-S HD Base T HDMI over Cat5 Transmitter
  • Intelix DL-DA14 HDMI Distribution Amp with 4k Support

Savage Mill Shopping Center – Savage Mill, MD

Cable Management

Wylie Funeral Home – Randallstown and Baltimore, MD

Sound and Video Systems

  • JBL CBT70J-WH 70 J-Shaped Coaxial Line Array
  • JBL ASB6112 Compact High Power Single 12″ Subwoofer
  • JBL Control 47C/T Two-Way 6.5″ Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeaker with Extended Bass
  • Crown CTs 600 & Crown CTs1200 Power Amplifiers
  • BSS BLU-100 12 Analog Mic/Line Input, 8 Analog Output, Digital Audio Processor
  • BSS BLU-10-BLK Touch Screen Programmable Remote Wall Controller
  • Shure ULXP24/58 UHF wireless hand held microphone, SM58 system
  • Draper101361 184″ Motorized Projection Screen
  • Vivitek D6010 6000 Lumen DLP Projector
  • Ever Focus EF-EQ300 Camera Body
  • LG 32LN541C LED Commercial Widescreen Integrated Full 1080p HDTVs
  • Intelix Digi 44B Matrix Switcher
  • Intelix HD4x1 HDMI Switcher
  • Intelix Digi HD-UHR2-R HDMI Receiver
  • RTI Control KX3 3″ touch screen interface w/ rs232 and ir ports
  • RTI Control KX7 7″ main touch screen interface
  • RTI Control XP6 device control and automation processor

Garrett County Agrucultural Center – McHenry, MD

Sound System and Acoustical Paneling for Sound Reinforcement

American Cruise Lines – Salisbury, MD

Multiple Cruise Ship Music and Paging Systems Installation