Effective Noise Reduction Technique

Hear intelligible speech while blocking the noise

Having an event in a large room or a high ceiling venue can prove to be quite difficult for a sound system. It’s because these large rooms have hard reflective walls and floors, such as concrete block, so there is need for noise reduction.

Our solution is to provide noise reduction materials that can add sound absorption in order to reduce reverberation (echo) within the room. Adding noise control products such as hanging baffles or wall panels will increase speech intelligibility and reduce ambient noise during events. This practice creates greater usage of the room.

These sound absorption materials should be planned into the design of the venue. They can, however, be added as a retrofit application as the need for noise reduction within the facility is addressed. Take a look at the events that we have organized using noise reduction materials. FREE estimates are available. Call us today!

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Noise Reduction

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